A yoga exponent, motivational speaker, soul coach, life coach, behavioural therapist, mystic, thinker, philosopher etc....... Alok Ranjan wears several hats.

He capably imparts to his students, the unique state - of – the – art yoga discipline given to mankind by India’s ancient sages, to combine the body, mind and spirit as a unified entity. A great Himalayan yogi – His Holiness Swami Sachchidananda Saraswati  happened to meet and observe the exceptional qualities embedded in a 5 year old baby-boy ALOK RANJAN. His Holiness was so stunned and fascinated with the child that he decided to impart a rock – solid yoga training to him and took the tender – aged boy with him to the Himalayas. Here, under the personal supervision and tutelage of his spiritual guide and master, Alok Ranjan rapidly blossomed and grew to become a perfect GURU, brilliant and adept in the yogic philosophy and discipline applied to the development of the mind, body and soul. Notably, his holiness never came to this part of the world and he spent his divine moments mostly in the holy caves of Gangotri and Gomukh. He left his material body and merged with the absolute at the ripe age of approximately two hundred years.

After returning to this material world, Alok Ranjan stepped into the realm of modern education and graduated in English literature from Hindu college, University of Delhi. He is well versed in the religious scriptures like Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads and other systems of philosophies like Buddhism, Jainism, Sufism etc. He is drunk deep in the philosophies of orient and occident. His liberal, eclectic approach lends him a transcendental outlook, an outlook that cuts across all man -made barriers. His vast erudition, encyclopaedic knowledge and exceptional linguistic ability have mesmerized the practitioners and his soft, suave and soothing personality has acted like a healer for them.

Alok Ranjan’s knowledge of yoga is a continuation from his previous births. Alok Ranjan is divinely ordained to spread the message of yoga and better/enrich/transform the lives of practitioners of all hues. Yoga is his destiny, his epiphany.

Alok Ranjan has a multi-faceted personality. He has a flair for creative writing, composes poems in Hindi and English, reads different literatures and books on sundry other subjects. He has knowledge of English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Urdu language. He is a connoisseur of classical music, light classical music, Sufi music, devotional music, Ghazals and theatre. Besides, he has deep interest in wildlife and nature, human rights, animal rights, rights of women, rights of minorities of all types etc.

Alok Ranjan has a yogic lifestyle and a spiritual temper. He wakes up at 3 A.M. each morning for his Sadhna (practice) and then, he steps out to teach others. He is a living advertisement for the powers of creative Yoga. He has an honest, transparent and free-wheeling nature. Being a Yogi, he believes in ‘positivity in- positivity out’ principle.

All that looks so easy at first glance is not so simple. “Creative Yoga ” is a result of   three decades of intense, dedicated research coupled with intellectual-cum-spiritual Quest. “Creative Yoga ” has a big agenda for the humanity and the good Samaritan in Alok Ranjan is willing to make his contribution towards this end. For him, Yoga is seeing himself in others and  others in himself.

Alok Ranjan’s objective is to magnanimously give to all, who find their way to him-the teachings of Yoga, which,  he was so fortunate to receive through the hands and words of an enlightened master.

Alok Ranjan has helped a large number of practitioners to attain their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual potential through imparting to each individual student, exactly what is relevant to him or her. He has taught at various top venues including Shangri-la Hotel, 19, Ashoka Road, New Delhi in the past. His “Creative Yoga” classes are currently available in New Delhi and its Satellite townships. Further expansion plans are on the anvil.