As the nomenclature itself suggests, the purpose of “Creative Yoga” is to create a new you. Its main aim is to  transform the practitioner at all levels-physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, psychological and behavioural. The main idea behind creating the concept and practice of “Creative Yoga” is to awaken the latent energies inside the practitioner and to facilitate personality restoration through maximization of energy channelization.

Alok Ranjan, the founder of “Creative Yoga”, has devised several new combinations of yogic postures and improvised upon the classical postures, addressing the medical problems of modern times. He imparts specialized breathing techniques and solutions to serious breathing/respiratory tract problems. “Creative Yoga” is suitable as well as effective for not only very busy people, but people of all age-groups with different energy levels.

The U.S.P. of “Alok Ranjan’s Creative Yoga” is the “Creative Yoga Surya Namaskar”, a special kind of sun-salutation exercises devised by Alok Ranjan. It is a continuous, unbroken series of approximately 100 postures. A typical creative Yoga session, thus, is a veritable poetry in motion.

Unlike some other Yoga gurus, who have brought Yoga down to the level of aerobics, Yoga guru Alok Ranjan lays special emphasis upon spirituality and positivity because there is a direct link between spirituality and healing. He emphasizes upon synchronization of powerful breathing with the physical postures, which lead to immense cardio-respiratory endurance in the practitioner. For the practitioners, “Creative Yoga” is a journey from fragmentation to wholeness.  Within a short span of time, the practitioners get into the groove and they simply rediscover themselves. “Creative Yoga” has been devised to simplify yogic techniques and make them highly convenient and effective for the needs of modern man. Experience the awesome power of “Creative Yoga.” After all, seeing is believing.

Benefits of regular practice of “Creative Yoga” include - high level of energy / endurance, weight-loss/weight - gain/ weight - stabilization, calmness/concentration, stress-management/reduction, figure-correction, anti-ageing,glowing-skin, analgesic/antipyretic, and last, but not the least, self-realization. On the whole, “Creative Yoga” is preventive and curative medicine both.