Classes are conducted for embassy officials, corporate clients and visiting international guests. Apart from Group Classes, special private classes are also organized according to individual needs.

Corporate workshops aim at ensuring optimal living for the employees and facilitating complete coordination and harmony between the employer and employee through a holistic de-stress programme. After attending these corporate workshops, employees connect better with their inner self and in turn, connect better with the outer world too. Accordingly, they become extremely productive, useful assets for their company.

Personal classes are designed and customized, keeping in view the taste, temperament and medical history of the practitioner. Since each person in this world has a unique body, a unique medical history and a unique personality, personal classes within the cosy confines of one’s home are an extremely effective, time-saving mode of staying fit and centred in this fast-paced world.

Pranayam-cum-meditation workshops are designed to make the participants calmer and stress-free and to awaken them spiritually. Such workshops are extremely relevant and effective in an age, where moral values are vanishing fast. Today, we know the price of everything, but, value of nothing.

Besides these classes, Alok Ranjan’s sermons, motivational speeches and counselling under the banner of “creative yoga” are available on demand.